New tires

$120 new tires
9pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit Washing sponge Coral towel Microfiber towel Microfiber honeycomb towel Tire brush Wheel brush Duster Window duster New never used Hendersonville
Condition: New Brand: WD Express Interchange Part Number: K200036, 101-6207 Manufacturer Part Number: 373 28014 416 ItemWeight: 0.44 Remanufactured (Y/N): N Position: Front Lower Outer Country of Origin (Primary): KR Quantity Needed: 2; Engineering Name: Suspension Control Arm Bushing UPC: Does not apply function iframe_fit(){ var f=document.getElementById('about_iframe') var e=f.contentWindow ...
Soft car top storage from Sherpack. The blue photo is not mine, it is an example of what it looks like on. Mine is similar, same brand. All grey. Excellent condition, we used it maybe 5 times. It straps to car and is waterproof. Can meet at Hendersonville target or cash savers in the evenings.
This is the long awaited and improved Mike Kuhl River Rat water pump , it fits the same ,as the original Mike Kuhl river rat pump that have been around since the 1970s, but is now billet 6061 aluminum CNC machined with tighter tolerances and a 4041 hardened shaft the housings are hard anodized and then sent out for full polishing before final assembly They feature a 3/8 drive hex which is the i...
LS Chevy Timing Cover to allow you to drive a Fuel pump and /or a magneto or distributor * not included Blown or Unblown Puts Magneto or distributor behind the Blower Belt on Blown Engines Fits LS1 LS2 LS6 LS3 LS7 Machined from Thick Billet Aluminum Works with our Blower Hub or most Balancers Comes with: cam Spud 4" Extension or 5" http://www.alkydigger.net/proddetail.php?prod=JB-LS004KIT Buy i...
Timing Cover - Billet Timing Cover for LS Chevy Engines - Drives a Fuel Pump and Magneto Chevy LS Timing Cover to allow you to drive a Fuel pump and /or a magneto or distributor Machined from Billet Aluminum Works with our Blower Hub or most Balancers Cam Spud also available Chevy LS engines with std height cam LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 L92 LS7 Spud LS Chevy (+$79.00) Go to Alkydigger.com type LS in the ...
Alkydigger.com is Now RCD's Largest East Coast Dealer- We stock Starters-Guards-Angle Drives- Kits- Gear Drives and more. Drive - RCD Front Offset Magneto Drive .375 Clockwise Rotation The RCD 90 degree Magneto Drive can be clamped to any drive on the motor that is spinning at 1/2 crank speed. The drive input is 3/8 Hex the output for another accessory is the same. The drive allows all MSD Magn...
If you want to stand out in the crowd then this is for you. If the BAU injectors are not already in your face, this scoop will attract all the attention. Called the RAPTA CATCHA as there is nothing bigger. On a serious note, it will help scoop extra air into your injector to produce more HP. We have been using one on our drag car for many years and found that boost levels were higher than witho...
RCD100500-011pkg RCD 48 Volt Top alcohol-Funny Car- Starter Starter - RCD Blower Mount Starter Package --- Drive Dog-Guard- Starter Most popular starter assembly. 48 Volt package to get you going- You still need cables, battery pack The blower mount removable starter features unobstructed access to the blower belt and top sprocket. This assembly features an aluminum frame and steel handle, and ...
I have 2 Powertrax Grip Lok unknown spline count and a set of 4.22 7 6.50 ring and pinions along with 3 incomplete pumpkins, all for a 9" Ford rear end. These were used for oval track operation and of no use to me. Will sell or trade for tools or vintage racing equipment.Located in the Nashville area you can text me at 707-480-4606.. HENDERSONVILLE, TN 37075 (707) 480-4606
I have brand new Sweet 12.1 steering box for sale. Only has 50 laps on it. Just gave 550.00 for it. Text 615-596-8794 Serious Only Located in Nashville Tn.. Hermitage , TN 37076 (615) 596-8794
I got a Winters QC rearend Its got a locker in it Right side cambered axle Quarter Master hub for cambered tube Comes with both axles and small 5 hubs and rotors Hub alone is 450.00 Call or Text 615-596-8794 serious only Located in Tn.. Hermitage , TN 37076 (615) 596-8794
We will flow test you mechanical fuel pump and report to you with two readings : 2000- RPM @ 50 psi 4000 -RPM @ 100 psi Pump must have a 3/8" Hex drive - we cannot flow slot shaft ones or D shaped Rons and BLP carb style pumps Small pumps $49 over 20 gpm pumps $59 1 to 2 day turnaround-. Alky Digger's Fuel Injection , Superchargers. West Nashville Nashville, TN 37209 (615) 457-3192 (615) 457-3192
SB Chevy 265-283-301-302-305-307-350-400 STAHL Pattern Zoomie Headers - 2" Tubes, - 3/8" Flanges- Dragster-Altered-Blown-Unblown- Rat Rod Very nice for nostalgia Blown or unblown engines Tig Welded- Beautiful inside and out Made in USA Mild Steel Covers Available at Alkydigger.com in stock most of the time- sometimes - 10 days. Stainless available for $200 more. Alky Digger's Fuel Injection , S...
The Blower Shop 4" Blower Spacer Kit Polished Aluminum with studs and 2 Gaskets Raise that blower up out of the hood! Comes with Studs and Gaskets. Order a 9" longer belt to go with it! or call us to figure out your belt length. if you use a : Now 1360 belt- get a 63" Belt Now 1440 Belt- get a 66" Now 1520 belt , get a 69". 6-71 8-71 10-71 14-71 roots style blowers with standard bolt pattern. A...
Enderle Twin Gear Billet Fuel Pumps Twin Gear Billet available in flow ratings : 4 gpm 5.5 gpm 7.2 gpm 8.5 gpm compares to Waterman sprint Pump or Micro Bertha Gas - Alcohol - E85 - Nitro Compatible Two sets of hardened and coated gears turning on twin axles - much more precise than the typical gearator type pumps. Cavitation issues vitrually do not exist. Pressures can be increased without fea...
Leakdown Tester for Mechanical Fuel Injections-Leak Down Check you barrel valve leakdown in order to set your idle . Test Valves for accurate opening pressures "A MUST HAVE for INJECTION TUNING" Reads correctly : 30% =30% not backward like some others. Quit guessing at your flow and leakdown! A racer's must when it comes to Troubleshooting and Tuning your System! Easily checks the following com...
Alkydigger's " Fuel Pump Extension - Aluminum Fuel Pump Extension Indexable Turn your pump any direction Fits 3 bolt and 4 bolt fuel pumps Support bearings in the front of the 4", 5", and 6" like the Enderle extensions have. Fits all popular pumps 3 and 4 bolt pump patterns 3/8 Hex Drive. Alky Digger's Fuel Injection , Superchargers. West Nashville Nashville, TN 37209 (615) 457-3192 (615) 457-3192
Belt Drive-Un-Blown V8 with 5.5 gpm pump : avail for SB Chevy, BB Chevy, SB Ford, BB Ford, BB MoPar- with pump and Carb by pass Valve www.Alkydigger.com Carburetor Belt Drive with fuel pump for Alky carbs : Single Dominator, up to around 950 hp BB Chevy SB Chevy BB Ford SB Ford BB MoPar 440 Hemi --------------------------------------------- Comes complete with: steel crank flange with solid 5/8...
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